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Staple Free Stapler

0093-D1c_150 geen nietje_60

What we have here is our unique Staple Free Stapler. A device for stapling paper without the use of any staples. Staple up to 6 sheets of normal paper without clips or staples.

It is the mechanism inside that does the trick. You never have to refill your stapler again and never remove a stapler before shredding a document. Childsafe and environmental friendly. There is also an version available made of recycled ABS plastic (article 0093-09). Available in a round (article number 0093) or cubed (article 0402) design.

Round design, packed per 12 pieces in display carton:


0093-xx display 01s

Special versions: Shiny chrome plated (0093-05), Silver metallic (0093-07), Eko stapler from recycled ABS (0093-09), display with 3 pastel colors (0093-D1)

0093-05 0093-07a 0093-000093-09box


Cubed Staple Free Stapler:

0402-06 0402-07 0402-08 0402-10 0402-11 0402-13 0402-14